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The Shawshank Redemption


9.3 | 142 min | 1994

Two imprisoned men bond over a number of years, finding solace and eventual redemption through acts of common decency.

Budget: $25,000,000
Gross: $28,815,291
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The Godfather

Crime, Drama

9.2 | 175 min | 1972

The aging patriarch of an organized crime dynasty transfers control of his clandestine empire to his reluctant son.

Budget: $6,000,000
Gross: $246,120,986
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The Godfather: Part II

Crime, Drama

9.0 | 202 min | 1974

The early life and career of Vito Corleone in 1920s New York City is portrayed, while his son, Michael, expands and tightens his grip on the family crime syndicate.

Budget: $13,000,000
Gross: $48,035,783
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The Dark Knight

Action, Crime, Drama

9.0 | 152 min | 2008

When the menace known as the Joker wreaks havoc and chaos on the people of Gotham, Batman must accept one of the greatest psychological and physical tests of his ability to fight injustice.

Budget: $185,000,000
Gross: $1,005,457,005
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12 Angry Men

Crime, Drama

9.0 | 96 min | 1957

A jury holdout attempts to prevent a miscarriage of justice by forcing his colleagues to reconsider the evidence.

Budget: $350,000
Gross: $576
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Schindler's List

Biography, Drama, History

8.9 | 195 min | 1994

In German-occupied Poland during World War II, industrialist Oskar Schindler gradually becomes concerned for his Jewish workforce after witnessing their persecution by the Nazis.

Budget: $22,000,000
Gross: $322,287,794
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The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Action, Adventure, Drama

8.9 | 201 min | 2003

Gandalf and Aragorn lead the World of Men against Sauron's army to draw his gaze from Frodo and Sam as they approach Mount Doom with the One Ring.

Budget: $94,000,000
Gross: $1,142,456,987
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Pulp Fiction

Crime, Drama

8.9 | 154 min | 1994

The lives of two mob hitmen, a boxer, a gangster and his wife, and a pair of diner bandits intertwine in four tales of violence and redemption.

Budget: $8,000,000
Gross: $214,194,847
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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


8.8 | 161 min | 1996

A bounty hunting scam joins two men in an uneasy alliance against a third in a race to find a fortune in gold buried in a remote cemetery.

Budget: $1,200,000
Gross: $25,252,784
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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Action, Adventure, Drama

8.8 | 178 min | 2001

A meek Hobbit from the Shire and eight companions set out on a journey to destroy the powerful One Ring and save Middle-earth from the Dark Lord Sauron.

Budget: $93,000,000
Gross: $888,159,092
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Fight Club


8.8 | 139 min | 1999

An insomniac office worker and a devil-may-care soapmaker form an underground fight club that evolves into something much, much more.

Budget: $63,000,000
Gross: $101,209,593
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Forrest Gump

Drama, Romance

8.8 | 142 min | 1994

The presidencies of Kennedy and Johnson, the events of Vietnam, Watergate and other historical events unfold through the perspective of an Alabama man with an IQ of 75, whose only desire is to be reunited with his childhood sweetheart.

Budget: $55,000,000
Gross: $678,226,805
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Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

8.7 | 148 min | 2010

A thief who steals corporate secrets through the use of dream-sharing technology is given the inverse task of planting an idea into the mind of a C.E.O.

Budget: $160,000,000
Gross: $836,836,967
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The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Action, Adventure, Drama

8.7 | 179 min | 2002

While Frodo and Sam edge closer to Mordor with the help of the shifty Gollum, the divided fellowship makes a stand against Sauron's new ally, Saruman, and his hordes of Isengard.

Budget: $94,000,000
Gross: $943,396,133
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Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

Action, Adventure, Fantasy

8.7 | 124 min | 1980

After the Rebels are brutally overpowered by the Empire on the ice planet Hoth, Luke Skywalker begins Jedi training with Yoda, while his friends are pursued by Darth Vader and a bounty hunter named Boba Fett all over the galaxy.

Budget: $18,000,000
Gross: $550,993,534
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The Matrix

Action, Sci-Fi

8.7 | 136 min | 1999

When a beautiful stranger leads computer hacker Neo to a forbidding underworld, he discovers the shocking truth--the life he knows is the elaborate deception of an evil cyber-intelligence.

Budget: $63,000,000
Gross: $466,364,409
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Biography, Crime, Drama

8.7 | 146 min | 1990

The story of Henry Hill and his life in the mob, covering his relationship with his wife Karen Hill and his mob partners Jimmy Conway and Tommy DeVito in the Italian-American crime syndicate.

Budget: $25,000,000
Gross: $46,885,356
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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest


8.7 | 133 min | 1975

A criminal pleads insanity and is admitted to a mental institution, where he rebels against the oppressive nurse and rallies up the scared patients.

Budget: $3,000,000
Gross: $108,997,629

Seven Samurai

Action, Adventure, Drama

8.6 | 207 min | 1954

A poor village under attack by bandits recruits seven unemployed samurai to help them defend themselves.

Budget: JPY125,000,000
Gross: $322,7739


Crime, Drama, Mystery

8.6 | 127 min | 1995

Two detectives, a rookie and a veteran, hunt a serial killer who uses the seven deadly sins as his motives.

Budget: $33,000,000
Gross: $327,333,559

Life Is Beautiful

Comedy, Drama, Romance

8.6 | 116 min | 1997

When an open-minded Jewish librarian and his son become victims of the Holocaust, he uses a perfect mixture of will, humor, and imagination to protect his son from the dangers around their camp.

Budget: $20,000,000
Gross: $230,098,753

City of God

Crime, Drama

8.6 | 130 min | 2002

In the slums of Rio, two kids' paths diverge as one struggles to become a photographer and the other a kingpin.

Budget: BRL3,300,000
Gross: $30,680,793

The Silence of the Lambs

Crime, Drama, Thriller

8.6 | 118 min | 1991

A young F.B.I. cadet must receive the help of an incarcerated and manipulative cannibal killer to help catch another serial killer, a madman who skins his victims.

Budget: $19,000,000
Gross: $272,753,884

It's a Wonderful Life

Drama, Family, Fantasy

8.6 | 120 min | 1946

An angel is sent from Heaven to help a desperately frustrated businessman by showing him what life would have been like if he had never existed.

Budget: $3,180,000
Gross: $6,130,720

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

Action, Adventure, Fantasy

8.6 | 121 min | 1977

Luke Skywalker joins forces with a Jedi Knight, a cocky pilot, a Wookiee and two droids to save the galaxy from the Empire's world-destroying battle station, while also attempting to rescue Princess Leia from the mysterious Darth Vader.

Budget: $11,000,000
Gross: $775,749,212